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In 2011, Valerie started building her dream home on the land she had lived, learned, and loved for fifteen years. She was soon diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Undeterred, Valerie made the decision to complete her dream home and chose to focus on service to others, by envisioning a space in which alternative therapies and the practitioners who practice them could be supported.

During her last two years, Valerie never gave up on life and her vision. She asked four friends to join her in creating The Young Family Foundation to bring her vision and hand-written mission into reality.

In 2014, The Young Family Foundation received non-profit status as a private operating foundation to oversee Valerie’s house and land, now named Valaterra.

Founding Board Emerita include: Barbara Bloecher, Laurel Fuson, Helen Heddens

Current Young Family Foundation Board Members

Laura Warren
2016 – Present

Joyce Crum
Vice President / Secretary
2016 – Present

Rhonda Schladand
Family Steward
2014 – Present
(Founding Member)

Sheila True
2020 – Present