Grace Program

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Valaterra offers a Grace Program to provide respite to individual practitioners of alternative, complementary and integrative healing at the house and on the land around it, to offer a space for workshops to practitioners included in and / or who are in service to the underserved communities, and for those individuals and practitioners who suffer socioeconomic inequality.

We offer this program with the hope to foster a strong and powerful diverse community, who in turn can work in their own greater communities, spreading their knowledge and sharing their skills with others.

The purpose of Valaterra’s Grace Program is to increase the accessibility of our facility to include people with systemic / systematic access disadvantages. A systemic disadvantage is a condition where there is something in the system itself that gives someone or something an advantage over others. Systematic is a condition where someone or something gains an advantage over others because they are doing things in a specific way.

While many of us are challenged by modern culture, there are groups of people who have been profoundly affected by these kinds of disadvantages and inequalities, especially over time. That is who this program was created to support.

Valaterra is committed to welcoming all members of the healing community with the help of our Grace Program.

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