Workshop and Retreat Use Policy

Workshop and Retreat Use Policy 2018-04-15T12:26:08-04:00

Schedule of Operations. Valaterra (the Sanctuary) is a year-round operation and overnight stays are permitted, within the discretion of the Young Family Foundation (YFF). However, weather or other unexpected events may cause closure or cancellation of scheduled programs. Please see below for re-scheduling of programs and fee and deposit refunds.

Making Sanctuary Reservations

Procedures. To begin the process of reserving the Sanctuary, you must submit an application to the YFF Program Manager. Please see the Links for the Application Form. Certain criteria have been established for the use of Sanctuary and you will be informed whether your workshop, retreat, class, presentation or other program (program) meets the criteria and if the dates requested are available for reservation.

If your program is permitted and the date requested for your program is available, you must execute a Sanctuary Use Agreement with YFF that will set out the terms of the rental and use of the Sanctuary. The reservation of the Sanctuary is completed and the date of the program confirmed only when you and the YFF both have executed the Sanctuary Use Agreement and the required fee and deposit is received by the YFF.

Fee. The applicable fee shall be as stated in the YFF Use Fee Schedule approved by the YFF Board, as such schedule may be modified from time to time by the YFF Board.

Deposits. Twenty percent (20%) of the applicable use fee must be paid with submission of the Sanctuary Use Agreement, plus a $100.00 damage deposit. The remaining eighty (80%) percent of the Sanctuary Use Fee shall be paid to the YFF at least thirty (30) days prior to the event that is to be held at the Sanctuary.

At the conclusion of the program, you must return the Sanctuary to a neat, orderly, and clean condition. You will be responsible for, and liable to the YFF for all damages to YFF property and repairs to the Sanctuary required that result from the use of the Sanctuary by you and your participants, agents or employees.

YFF reserves the right to determine the extent of the damage and to take whatever course of action it finds proper, including keeping a part or all of the damage deposit and billing you for the remaining amount due.  The full damage deposit will be refunded one week after the event if no damage has been determined, no additional staff time is required to return the area to its pre-event status and all use requirements as stated in the Sanctuary Use Agreement are followed.

You may pay by check or credit card. Please see the Cancellations paragraph below to determine how the YFF will refund fees and deposits paid in the event of cancellation.

Insurance Coverage. You must show compliance with all insurance requirements as set forth below before you may use the Sanctuary.

Certain events must be protected with a certificate of insurance. Comprehensive or commercial insurance coverage will be required if you or the participants of your program are not otherwise covered by the YFF’s insurance coverage. The coverage must have minimum limits for each occurrence of $1,000,000, and a general aggregate of $2,000,000 in the amount of $1,000,000 per event. The certificate of insurance must name the YFF and its Board as additional insureds. Further, a “hold harmless” instrument must be executed by you and the program participants. You and the program participants must agree to indemnify and defend YFF and the YFF Board if the program activity should result in litigation or a judgment against YFF, the YFF Board or the Sanctuary.

Cancellations. Should the user need to cancel an event, it must do so by providing email notice to the YFF as provided in the Sanctuary Use Agreement. If the user provides the notice thirty (30) or more days in advance of the date of the event, the YFF will issue a full refund of the Sanctuary Use Fee already paid by the user to the YFF. If the user cancels the event with fewer than thirty (30) days notice to the YFF, but more than five (5) days notice, the user will be refunded 50% of the Sanctuary Use Fee already paid by the user to the YFF. No refund of the Sanctuary Use Fee already paid will be refunded to the user, if the user provides only five (5) or fewer days advance notice of cancellation to the YFF, or if the user does not show for the scheduled event. The full damage deposit paid by the user will be refunded to the user in the event of cancellation at any time prior to the date of the event.

The YFF is under no obligation to reschedule an event if cancelled by user.

While every effort will be made to ensure the Sanctuary is available as booked, if the YFF finds it must cancel a reservation, owing to inclement weather or other reasons, it will notify the representative of the organization as provided for in the Sanctuary Use Agreement. Any deposit or fee paid will be refunded or another date for the event may be mutually agreed upon.

Miscellaneous Requirements

1. Catered Events/Rental Companies. All caterers or other rental companies used must be on the Valaterra  Approved Vendor List.

2. Deliveries. YFF staff cannot accept deliveries. Please have your staff on hand to accept any deliveries.

3. Computers/Phones. Wi Fi is available to all guests and is password protected. All cellular telephone carriers receive coverage. Phones must be set to vibrate or silent while program participants are in the Sanctuary

4. Meeting Times. You are responsible to ensure meetings conclude by the time agreed in the Sanctuary Use Agreement. You must allow ample time to set-up before and clean-up after all meetings.

5. Clean-Up. YFF staff will not be available for set-up or clean-up. You must complete all of the items on the check-out list prior to leaving the facilities. Depending on the type of event, the YFF may determine that extra janitorial services are needed. Users must pay for these services.

6. Conference Calls. YFF does not provide a conference call service.

7. Damages, Thefts and Losses. User is liable for any damages to YFF property, including the Sanctuary or equipment. The YFF shall not be liable for thefts or losses suffered by the user or its participants, guests, agents, contractors or employees while they are attending or participating in an event.

8. Equipment. No Audio-visual equipment will be provided.

9. Communal Kitchen. The small, equipped kitchen at the Sanctuary is available for use. YFF is not responsible for missing food, beverages or medication. Users must make sure dishes and other kitchen items are cleaned prior to the user’s leaving. A dishwasher is available for use.

10. Parking. The YFF has ample parking space, with designated spaces for disabled parking, and also a pull-off area for unloading.

11. Quiet Hours. Quite hours are 10:00PM to 8:00AM. Please be considerate if other program participants are at the Sanctuary. Some groups may be on silent meditation retreats.

12. Supplies. You are responsible for bringing any needed supplies for meetings/events such as: easel paper, copies and laptops.

13. Thermostats. The Sanctuary has radiant heated floors and a geothermal system throughout the building. Rooms are preprogrammed to maintain the room temperature between 69 and 74 degrees. Please remind attendees to dress in layers.

14. Windows. Several meeting rooms are equipped with operable windows, which we encourage organizations to open if rooms become stuffy or hot.

15. Illegal Drugs. Illegal drugs are prohibited on the Sanctuary premises.

16. Smoking. Smoking is not allowed inside the Sanctuary house, and only permitted on the grounds and farm in an area specifically designated for smoking.

17. Pets. No pets are allowed at the Sanctuary. Certified companion animals and guide dogs are permitted with advance review and clearance.

18. Fires and Firearms. Candles inside or outside the Sanctuary are prohibited unless they are in a proper votive holder. Outdoor campfires are not allowed. Fires are ONLY permitted in the fire pit. Fireworks and firearms, under any circumstances, are not permitted.

19. Linens and towels. Beds must be stripped and all linens used placed in the Sanctuary’s laundry room after the stay is complete.

20.  Accident/Incident Report.  Any accident, personal injury, illness or incident such as property damage or theft that occurs at Valaterra should immediately be reported to the Valaterra Program Manager and an Accident/Incident Report filed.