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The Solstice is a time for meditation and introspection. It is a time to slow down our rhythm and attune ourselves with the energies of renewal.

As a thank you for your support throughout the year, please join us for a Solstice celebration at Valaterra.

Friday, December 21st

Come by anytime from
10:00 am until 6:00 pm for your own
Self Initiated Retreat

~Come alone or bring a friend~

On the shortest day and longest night… keep your inner light shining bright


Celebrating the Solstice at Valaterra offers you time and space to:

  • Welcome the winter with a walk in our labyrinth or visit the faerie condos.
  • Take a hike on our trails to connect with nature, connect with yourself and connect with all that is!
  • Collect pieces of nature to create an altar in your home.
  • Bring your journal and find a quiet space to capture your desires, hopes, dreams and intentions for the New Year.
  • Write down everything you would like to release & let go of. Throw them into the fire pit and allow the flames to transform the darkness into light.
  • Paint or sketch.
  • Decorate our outdoor tree for the animals.
    Bring supplies like: peanut- butter pinecones, birdseed orange feeders, popcorn /cranberry garland.
  • Sip hot cocoa while meeting the staff and board members of Valaterra.
  • Follow your own inspiration.