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Valerie Young

Valerie Young   1/27/52 – 7/9/14

Valerie Young was the daughter of Morris and Dot Young. She was proud of her Italian ancestry. A Doctor of anthropology from University of Pennsylvania, she was always intrigued by the convergence of mind, body and soul practices.

Her love of music was her medium to connecting with the earth and humanity by playing the harp, piano, singing bowls, drums and rattles.

Her love of nature and trees and her spiritual teachings fortified her every day,

For over 20 years Valerie would volunteer every Wednesday at a Hospice facility playing the harp because she had researched the last sense to leave the dying was auditory and that music supported the transition. This was one of the primary reasons she became a shaman.

She believed we deserved to be who we are and to respect the same in each other seeing the strength in others whether we liked it or not! She was real and she encouraged that in others. She was human and encouraged that in others. She believed living was about looking within and challenging ourselves everyday to be more than we expected. She was always intrigued by the resilience of the human spirit and how we could be of service in the world.

Valerie taught that hiding is not living!

The foundation is honored to continue her legacy.