The Land

The Land 2020-08-08T19:19:43-04:00

You may choose to connect with the land through the hiking trails, the native wildflower meadows, the outdoor labyrinth and fire pit, and the spacious fields, winding creeks and intimate outdoor seating areas.

You may choose to sit amongst the large boulders or atop the rocky cliffs and enjoy the sounds of Harrod’s Creek or the sighting of wildlife.

Or, you may choose to sit on the covered porch and enjoy the morning sunrise and song birds.

You might want to sit inside the sunroom, with it’s floor-to-ceiling windows and enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort and ease of the sofas.

And, you might want to paint or photograph while observing, to journal or write while sitting with, or to play music and sing while listening to, Nature.

Whether you come for a personal retreat, a group retreat / workshop, a corporate meeting or a special event / occasion, the land of Valaterra will add support and beauty to your unique experience.

Photos by John Nation